A Slab Of Liquid Cunt

by Good Time Aussie Bogalars

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Recorded at the Bogalar Home Studio


released October 24, 2015

Guitar / Vocals - Old Mate Wooley Balls
Bass / Vocals - Flames Brian McNamara
Drums / Vocals - Bloody Kenneth Fuckin Oath
Vocals - Bon Scrot
Vocals - Dead Shit Darren McMullen
Vocals - Rotten Ronny Ovulater
Vocals - Kevin Dutch Rudder



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Good Time Aussie Bogalars Ballarat, Australia

A Non-Profit Organisation For Cunts

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Track Name: Sad Cunts
You’re a bunch of fuckin sad cunts
Staring all the time
Sitting round and fuckin smoking blunts
Fuckin eyeing up mine

So you’ve fuckin had a gut full
Ya think it’s all a bit rough
Think ya gone and fuckin had a pull
You look like a bunch of poofs

Ya fuckin bunch of sad cunts
Ya wanna through down we’ll see
Ya better have ya fuckin weet-bix
Before ya fuckin with me

You fuckin sad cunt
You fuckin sad cunt
You fuckin sad cunt
You fuckin sad cunt

Ya stupid cunt
Ya fuckin cunt
Ya wanker cunt
Ya dirty cunt
Track Name: Tepid Water Gin
Tepid Water Gin

Well you should have been aborted
But if ya mum couldn’t afford it
Tepid water and gin
Coat hanger and a bin

Tepid Water Gin

She outta flush ya down the toilet
Dug ya hole and put soil in it
Should have kicked you in the fuckin guts
for giving birth to all these jerk off cunts

so what ya gonna fuckin do now
is just walk through the door
into ya fuckin room, go in the bathroom
run ya self a fuckin tepid bath, jump in
and then we’ll all fuckin have a good christmas for once
Track Name: Born Again Bush Pig
Filthy fuckin bush pigs
Putrid piss ant pricks
Big fuck off five post bull bar
V8 vs Kangaroo

So what ya trying to say is if I hit a roo doing one fifty
My ute and I would be better without the fuckin bull bar
You’re a moron

You’re a fuckin born again bush pig
Bogan spirit from the holy spirit
You’re a fuckin born again bush pig
Bogan spirit from the holy spirit

No one can see the kingdom of bush pigs
Without being born again
Without being fuckin born again
No one can see the kingdom of bush pigs
Without being born again
Born again cunt

Bogan spirit from the holy fuckin spirit
Bogan spirit from the holy fuckin spirit

Track Name: Eat Shit Die Cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go cunt
Die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go cunt
Die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go

Spit out
Fucking spit out
Two faced cunts
Out on the munt

Eat shit die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go

I’ll rip ya fuckin eye out
Ya maggot infested
Dirty cunt fuck head

Eat shit die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go

Kick ya in the fuckin nuts from behind ya cunt

Eat shit die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go cunt
Die cunt
Eat shit die cunt
Fucking have a go cunt
Die cunt
Fucking have a go
Track Name: You Fuckin Pong
Fuckin dead bitches
Fuckin all sorts of fuckin mental cunts
Who have spewed into a bucket
Well all that shit smells better than you

The fuckin odour
Its beyond fuckin critical
The stench you emit
Has left me feeling fuckin cynical
But its nothing that a shower wont fix
Go flog a fuckin can of linx
I don’t give a fuck of what ya think
Just do me a fuckin favour and fix that stink

You fuckin pong cunt
You fuckin pong
You fuckin reak mate
There’s something wrong

There’s something wrong
There’s fuckin something wrong all right
You just fuckin breathed
and fuckin 12 kids died
They fuckin turned inside out
like fuckin slugs that had salt poured on em
all cos of your fuckin dirty breath
I would fuckin hate to thing what would happen
if you farted you dirty cunt
it’d be fuckin Hiroshima
the fuckin poor Japanese
Fuck, what are they gonna do if you eat a curry?
You fuckin pong cunt
Track Name: Dedicated Rooter
Viagra aint working
My cock is still limp
Fuck this cunt is smelly
Stinks like cum but not mine
I hope she cum’s quickly
Fuck I cant stay down here much longer
Dedicated rooter is my middle name
Even if my cocks soft we can play the cum game

This fuckin viagra aint working
My cock is still limp
Fuck this cunt is smelly
Fuckin stinks like cum but it’s not mine
I fuckin hope she cum’s quickly
Ahh fuck, can’t stay down here much longer
Dedicated Rooter
Is my middle name
Cos even if my fuckin cocks soft
We can play the cum game
Track Name: Festy Grotty Rotter
Feral tarnished putrid
Grimy ravaged dreg

It’s the type of acne
you can only get from addiction

It’s the type of dental plan
you can only get from the shard

Crazed and glaring, oily as fuck
Fanatical jawing on the chin structure

I said mate you’re a festy grotty rotter
Fuckin hell ya festy grotty rotter
I said cunt ya festy grotty rotter
Listen up ya festy grotty rotter

Fuck up cunt
Ya fuckin look like a bag of shit
You’re a fuck stick
You’re fuckin lucky I don’t come over there
and kick ya fuckin face off
You jerk off prick
Fuckin snide skinny fuck
With ya fuckin hair cut from a fuckin racoon
Get fucked, fuck off, lick a dick
Get a fuckin chunk of wood up your arse
Fuck you cock nose
Track Name: Reg Grundy
Too late for these ones, they’re fucked
Reg Grundy
These ones are full of fuckin horse semen somehow
Reg Grundy
These ones are me fuckin Granma’s
That dead bitch wont want em back
Reg Grundy
Ah fuck it, I’ll just free ball
Me dicks too big for that
Reg Grundy

About fuckin 82 litres of salty fuckin sweat
from right up under the gouch, right up there
right near the shaft, right near ya fuckin heartbeat
right near the fuckin tentacle spewing out the end of me dick

Adriana you fuckin mole
I love sticking it your extremities
I bought you the big fuckin C
And then ya tits fell off
And Delvine ya stroppy slut
Ya should have been fucking Hoges
Jo Bailey, you used to be alright
But now you’re just a dirty fuckin wog
And Allice I would plat you’re fuckin crab infested pubes
Until ya fuckin bled
And Rowena Wallace I’d fuck you out of house and home

They save me when I start shitting standing up
Reg Grundy
I’ll fuckin hold you’re head in em when I fart
Reg Grundy
Ahh they’re fuckin soaked with me G wart seepage
Reg Grundy
Like a dirty fuckin spud bag for me shaft
Reg Grundy

Ahhhh yeah, ohh fuck I just fucked another pair
Ahhh, well just let it fuckin sway in the breeze
Let it just fuckin move back and forth between your knees
Like a fuckin neck of a pelican
By fuck there some big balls you old cunt
I wouldn’t want to be your reg grundy’s
Those fuckin poor cunts would have to do some work
Hanging on for fuckin dear god
The poor cunts and there only ya fuckin undies
And they're fuckin what ya need though
To fuckin hide a load of fuckin semo
You and ya fuckin reg grundys
and ya just fuckin keep wearing em around
ya don’t fuckin take em off
just wear em around
ya can fuckin just jizz in em all day
Shit, sweat, fuckin
Clean your’e neighbours car with em
He wont be fuckin real happy about it
cos his car will soon be covered
in fuckin piles of shit from my reg grundy’s
but that’s alright cos he’s a cunt
but that doesn’t matter cos im a cunt
I’m a fair fuckin arse grape
I’m like a fuckin fruit salad of anal disease
That’s why I fuckin love my undies
I fucking use to go fuckin
Toe the car with
Using em to fuckin wipe down the bar with
They're fuckin multi purposeful
fuckin fantasitical pieces of fuckin cloth
Well mine is not so much cloth any more
its just fuckin crust of fuckin jizz
Track Name: Fuck Rot
Stinky dirty fuck rot minge
The mankest gash with the hairiest fringe
Fucked her fat arse
Smoked all her grass
Pissed in her bath
Fuck she really loves carlton draught

Fuck Rot
Fuck Rot
Fuck Rot
Fuck Rot

I fuck rot vag
I fuck rot vag
I fuck rot vag
I fuck rot vag

Cunt was too loose
Fist her poo juice
Track Name: You've Got A Disease
Piss, blood and shit coming out of me arse
Seeping onto you’re fuckin cunt
You wretched slut
I’m dying of fuckin everything you cunt

I’v got
She’s got
They’ve got
You’ve got a disease
A disease
A disease
A disease

I’v got
She’s got
They’ve got
You’ve got a disease
A disease
A disease
A disease

Cunt, you got a fuckin disease
spending all that time taking cocks up you’re arse
taking all that time to shove a needle in ya
having sex with dirty prosties
with crabs and fuckin a crust ridden vagina
its not gonna be too good for ya is it in the long run
oh well it fuckin beats sucking the cunt
of a fuckin gonorrhoea infested fuckin slag
who’s too busy sitting on fuckin Acland street
with a fuckin thumb up her fuckin gash
trying to get a few extra penance
to stuff a fuckin another hit
of fucking H to get her smashed
fuckin feral fuckin cunt
disease riddin infested fuckin moles
and fuckin yobbo crack head cunts
fuckin hanging around out the fuckin front
of the fuckin bottleo on ya way home from the fuckin clinic
after ya get ya shots to clean up all ya fuckin spots
that are popping up all over ya cock
ya got it fuckin rough don’t ya cunt
must be fuckin hard at the bottom
oh well the more cunts that die the better
Track Name: Squat Fuck
Squatting down behind a bush
Blow my load with half a push
She looks me right in the eye
Now its time for my cream pie

Squat Fuck
Squat Fuck
Squat Fuck
Squat Fuck

Horny bitches love it
Be at one with nature
This is not odd behaviour
It’s meant to be this way

Squatting down
Lift up gown
Push it in
Skin on skin
I love this
You love this
Squat fucking on my dick
Track Name: Wendouree To Sebas On Foot (Part 1)
Me pregnant missus needs a cone
So I’m heading to me dealers
On foot cause the cops took me wheels
Me mate could of given me a lift
But he cracked the shits and left

Up Grevillea
Down Gilies
Past the pool
Cross the road to the servo
I’m outta fuckin darts
Spark one past the fuel pumps
Then over to Vic Park

Getting chased by a car
A Falcon XR
Didn’t wanna have a blue tonight
But fuck it if these cunts wanna have a go

Get out of ya car cunt
I‘ll fuckin smash ya throat in
All this fuckin crack I smoked
It’s got me fuckin going
Track Name: Run The Bath
Middle class, lower and upper as well
Big salary earners and the fuckin dole bludgers
Run the bath dismantle the razor

Impregnated bogans, cunts in the fuckin know
And the fuckin wankers who are more than willing
to give you their opinion
Run the bath dismantle the razor

And all you cunts that are fuckin battling to make the ends meet
But at the end of the day you still fuckin loath society
Run the bat dismantle the razor
Just do me that one fuckin favour

Potato pickers
Door to door cunts
Used car salesmen
Stock traders
TV news anchors
The tax man
School principles
Dental assistants
Chocolate bar fuckin mars cunts
Fuckin knob pus

Liberal members, nationalists
And the fuckin cunts who believe in the coalition
Run the bath dismantle the razor

Columnists, multi million dollar moguls
And the cunts who tell ya that its better for you’re future
Run the bath dismantle the razor
Do every fuckin cunt I know a fuckin favour

Commercial fisherman
Paper folders
Beer biologists
Teenage exorcists
Abused child stars
Chicken sexer’s
Priests and nuns
Oyster floaters
Change facilitators
Anglo karate instructors
Marketing guru’s
Fire fighters
Atmosphere testers
Gay fuckin social workers
Dairy farmers
Fuckin truck drivin meth doing cunts
Fuckin sluts in fuckin shops
Parking inspectors
Child and family and violence mediators
The fuckin cunts who cant fuckin decide
what to do with the Ballarat Civic Hall
And any cunt who collects for the
Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal
Fuckin leave me alone at the traffic lights
Track Name: Rolf Harassment
Rolfy, well you’ve been a very naughty boy
You’ve been fondling girls as young as the age of 7
Feeling em, molesting em
One young girl, all she wanted Rolf was an autograph
But ya took it upon ya self to rub ya hands all over her
Another young lady was just doing her job
She was a young waitress then when ya put ya hands on her
Ruining her life
What about that Australian girl
Tonya Lee, well she was only 15 years of age
When ya touched her and felt her up
She even tried to kill herself
Obviously with no success

Rolfy, well now ya wobbling
And who would have seen it coming?

While ya daughter slept only feet away
Well you were fingering her child hood friend

Rolf, now you’re under lock and key
Track Name: Am I Gay?
I got cum on me face,
Am I Gay?
It’s not mine

It’s all over me big hairy tits
From some guy

Shits falling outta me arse
Its not nice

Me hands are all blisted from dicks
There’s cream pie

All over me back, on me sack
In me crack, on me eye

All up me nose, on me toes
I got spooge on me fly

Am I Gay?
Am I Gay?
Am I Gay?

I fucked five faggot cunts in one night
It’s alright

Red, yellow, black, black and white

Fuck I’m a fag I eat cock
Like its homo delight

Dad fuckin started it slurping his load every night
While mum watched, poking herself
Track Name: Home To Ballaarat
Yes that’s Ballarat and it’s home sweet home to me
A city build on gold, she gave her wealth untold
It made our land so great and grand
A land of liberty

Her name is enrolled in the scroll of history
So let our voices ring in praise of everything