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lust4metal OK Hard Rock with amusingly coarse Aussie sense of humour Favorite track: Fuck Off.
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Recorded at the Bogalar Home Studio

Guitar / Vocals - Old Mate Wooley Balls
Bass / Vocals - Flames Brian McNamara
Drums / Vocals - Bloody Kenneth Fuckin Oath
Vocals - Bon Scrot
Vocals - Dead Shit Darren McMullen
Vocals - Kevin Dutch Rudder


released January 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Good Time Aussie Bogalars Ballarat, Australia

A Non-Profit Organisation For Cunts

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Track Name: Thumb Screwed
Packed Fuckin Thumb Screwed
Packed Fuckin Thumb Screwed
Packed Fuckin Thumb Screwed

Chuck me the mools and a durrie
Go rip out the springa
Water colours like the Murray
Cover up the shotie hole with ya finger

I’m on the hose again to munted
I’ll keep on thumb screwing till me eyes are cunted

Track Name: Fuck Off
If ya don’t like it
Fuck off
and if ya get offended
Fuck off

Cos there’s plenty of other trendy shit out there
to base ya fuckin image off

Ya fucked up unoriginal looking cock eating fuck wit

Ya fuckin new wave product inspired cum guzzling fuck stain

Now there’s fuckin one thing that really shits me off
Its how fuckin careful you gotta be these days
Not to fuckin go and offend anyone
Well I honestly don’t really give a fuck
Cos cunts have always got something to fuckin whinge about
Don’t they?

Fuck off

Fuck off
Track Name: Everybody Does It
Everybody does it
(Everybody does it)
Everybody dies
(Ya all fuckin gonna die)
We all gotta do it
(We all gotta fuckin do it cunt)
We all gotta die
(Cunt ya fuckin dead)
Everybody does it
(Your gonna fuckin do it)
Everybody dies
(Get in the grave cunt head)
Never live through it
(Ya fuckin dead)
Cos ya fuckin gonna die
(Your more rooted than me fuckin dead cat)

So fuckin kill some one
(Kill someone)
Fuckin kill someone
(We’re gonna fuckin kill someone)
Just fuckin kill some one
(Im gonna kill some cunt)
Go and kill someone
(Ya fuckin dead cunt)
Fuckin kill someone

Take a fuckin knife, slice their fuckin life
Take a fuckin axe and hack their fuckin backs

(Ya fuckin gonna die)
(Ya rooted)
(Ya got a shovel up your ass)
(Ya get a pick in ya face)

Fuckin kill some one
(Kill someone)
Just fuckin kill someone
(Im gonna kill some cunt)
Go and kill someone
(Ya fucked in the head)
Fuckin kill some one
(Ya’ll get a foot in ya arse)

Everybody does it
Track Name: Suck Me Nut
Alright all you lovely ladies out there
Here’s some advice for ya fuckin big titted bitches
Get down on ya knees and pray to Allah
Fuckin God or the fuckin jism coming out the end of me dick
Don’t lick at it, don’t fuckin poke around
Suck the cunt like it’s the fuckin Jesus Christ
Living spirit out of the fuckin end of me knob
Ya gotta love it, cop it in the eye
Cop it in ya tits, just fuckin cop it

Suck me fuckin nut

Well when ya fuckin home alone with ya fuckin misses
And ya’s are going the fuckin hack
She better take some fuckin time
to look after ya fuckin males needs

Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut

And then ya slap it on her forehead

Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut

And then stuff it up her spadger

Suck me nut
Suck me nut
Suck me nut

Alright, knee pads are good for ya health
They’ll help ya in ya fuckin quest to cop a wad in ya face
Cos that’s what you want
Well that’s probably not what you want
But its what I want, its not a fuckin ice cream
Its not a fuckin paddle pop, it’s a dick
Fuckin suck it till the shit comes out
and blows the back of ya fuckin throat til it hits the back wall
Suck, suck, suck it ya mole,
Suck it, suck the fuckin dick
Track Name: Fuck The Gov
Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov

All these fuckin politicians
Their fucked in the head
Fuckin up all over the place
The cunts are better off dead

Tell us in our best interest
But its all corruption
The fuckin aussie media’s paid off
They’re dumbing down our national gumption

No easy execution for you
You’ve perpetrated one of t…
One of the great mischief’s on the Australian public
with this thing, trying to rip away our social wage
And if you think I’m gonna put you out of you misery quickly
You can think again – (Paul Keating)

Well fuck every single fuckin pollie
that dwells in the lodge
Their fuckin parents should have killed themselves
for producing such botch jobs

Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov
Fuck the Gov

Fuck the Governor
Fuck the Governor
Track Name: Cockheads, Cunts And Wankers
Alright, every fuckin cunt knows one
They’re fuckin crowded, they’re everywhere
Ya cant walk fuckin 10 metres
Without fuckin walking into one of em
You’re the only cunt who’s not one
Every other fuckin prick is one
They’re all cockheads
They’re all cunts
They’re all fuckin wankers

Cockheads, cunts and wankers
Fuck sticks, knobs and pricks
Stupid fucked up arseholes
Are all giving me the shits

Cockheads, cunts and wankers
They go and fuck me off too much
Anal spankin feltchers
And fuckin cunts with rusty crutch

Look here mate, i gotta fuckin tell ya
Of all the different kinds of fuckin idiots in the world
What stupid fuckin category do you fall into hey?
Who the fuck are ya mate?
Ya fuckin stupid wanker fuck head
Flogin stupid cunt
Track Name: Smash Piss And Punch On
Get charged and violent
Fuckin raid the bottle-o
Fucked if I know where the night went
Shootin lines to go
Well smash piss and punch on
With intent to kill
Cos every fuckin westie I know
They’ll go through ya for the thrill

Yeah well it still remains to be seen here pal
You better have had ya fuckin dose of vitamins
and a big bowl of natural grain

Cos CUB cans cunt, I’ll fuckin down em
And if ya wanna have a swing pal
I’ll leave ya grounded
I fuckin smash piss and punch on
Track Name: Harden The Fuck Up
Well ya flight in and then ya flight out
Ahh mate, you’re a fuckin free wheeling cunt

Ahh right, its fuckin time to go around to the IGA
and get yourself a 6 pack
Well Im not talking about a 6 pack of snags
Im not talking about a 6 pack of fuckin cans, ya pussy cunt
Im talking about a 6 pack of fuckin jumbo size tampons
Cos ya huge vagina’s fuckin gushing menstrual blood
You need to harden the fuck up


Well it looks like ya still here doesn’t it mate?
But what the fuck for?
Well you better harden the fuck up cunt
Or ill spill ya fuckin teeth on the fuckin floor

Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up
Harden The Fuck Up