Cum From Me Gland Down Under

by Good Time Aussie Bogalars

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Recorded at the Bogalar Home Studio


released August 1, 2017

Drums / Vocals - Bloody Kenneth Fuckin Oath
Guitar / Vocals - Old Mate Wooley Balls
Bass / Vocals - Flames Brian McNamara
Vocals - Bon Scrot
Vocals - Dead Shit Darren McMullen
Vocals - Rotten Ronny Ovulater
Vocals - Kevin Dutch Rudder
Crowd Vocals - The Snake Vally Boys Choir



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Good Time Aussie Bogalars Ballarat, Australia

A Non-Profit Organisation For Cunts

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Track Name: Turned Out To Be Your Dad
Turned out to be your
Turned out to be your dad it’s sick
Turned out to be your
Turned out to be your dad it’s sick
sick, sick, sick,

He's on parole
They let him out and jacked up his probation

Somebody owes me a TV
Where are my benefits you cunt

Fuckin hell, who do you think I am anyways
I didn’t come in here just to fuckin rant and rave
Ya fuckin give that bitch who’s got up the duff money
Iv applied for the DSP six fuckin times now mate
Where are me benefits, alright Im sick of fuckin doing
this dog and pony show with you cunts every
fuckin time I want some fuckin money
Alright, iv rorted through the system a million times over
fuckin I need to be compensated

Shout out to Jenny she ruined my life
Now I’m stuck with a kid clucky bitch
Track Name: Fuckin Little Rippa
Scaling me neighbours fence
Rorting the hose
The cars not in the drive way
Cut a length and get back over

Fuckin little rippa
Toorak to Cardinia
Fuckin little rippa
Fuckin get it into ya
Fuckin little rippa
Reservoir to Fairfield
Fuckin little rippa
Smoke it till ya lungs yield

Couple of gators five bucks at the servo

Fuckin little rippa
Camberwell to Dandenong
Fuckin little rippa
Suck the mother fuckin hong
Fuckin little rippa
Sunbury to Hoppers
Fuckin little rippa
Fuck the fuckin coppers

Mate it’ll make for a fuckin little rippa

Oh you fuckin beauty look at that
Nah, perfect, seal that shit
Blu tack, suck her in
Bong water in me mouth
Fuck, nah, thats a little fuckin rippa

Like any good victorian ya chop two ciggies to one stick

Yeah ill tell ya how to make a fuckin can bong
in two seconds flat mate, easy as fuck

Ya got a coke bottle?
Cut the bottom off and then melt the cone into the lid

Couple of holes in the can
Smoke the can, your fuckin good mate

Get a couple of knives scorching hot
Squash the choofa in em and funnel it into ya face

Thats how ya do it, fuckin all the time
Mum taught me, Dad taught me
everyone fuckin brothers
all types send it pass it done

One generation to the next
we’re all smoking fuckin little rippa’s
Track Name: Shut Up Ya Dog Cunt
They fuckin kicked in the front door
And I was on me fuckin hands and knees
And I was fuckin off me fuckin tree
They didn’t give a fuckin fuck
and I didn’t give a fuckin fuck
But that didn’t worry any cunt there
Cos it wasn’t real fuckin hard to see all
the fuckin gear staring em in the face
Its fuckin all over the place

Sit on you’re hands child
Cunts like you are stock piled

Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog
Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog

I need another fuckin dollar
Im fuckin down and out
Im a blue fuckin collar
An hour without
Shelve another bickie
I moving off the whip
Stab another hippy
For the cheapness of the pip

Mate iv had a setback, iv had a relapse
Im in need of some fuckin gear
to help me with me fuckin cramp

Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog
Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog

My dealer lost his whippa
I sell me mums gear
Shelve another flippa
With a slight sense of fear
Me missus took the test
Cops are here again
She’s got a lactating breast
Looks like I gotta do another fuckin stint in the fuckin can

Fuck off cunt
Ohh, fuckin contraband
Ohh, fuckin ya mums fuckin left fist
Oohhhh, I got all sorts of fuckin stuff
shoved up me arse, but thats what ya get
thats what ya fuckin need
thats what they tell you you fuckin need
a fist in the fuckin arse
thats what it fuckin feels like every fuckin night for me
Everyones fuckin lining up
Ralph, Bob, Johnny
All to fuckin fist fuck me in the fuckin arse
Its not fuckin all bad though
Sometimes I even fuckin like it
Better than being fuckin beaten over the head
by one of them screw fuck wardens
They’re always fuckin horny
They’re fuckin in the evening or in the fuckin morning
They’ll fuckin swing by to fuckin check out your cavities
Its a fuckin travesty that they don’t do it more often
I fuckin love that, hands on me dick
Fist in the arse, its the fuckin greatest
You fuckin make heaps of friends
You’ll get to know them pretty well
You’ll get to know every fuckin smell
of what its like when ya fuckin coppin
a fist in the back of ya fuckin head
dick in your arse
Track Name: Wendouree To Sebas On Foot (Part 2)
Driving Vic Park in me stolen XR
Exit on Russell, cut down the back streets
Head to bray raceway to dump the car
Sifting through the ash tray
Looking for coins
Nod to some nanna as I walk inside
Put me fuckin change in the pokies
Fuck The Pokies!!!
Scamper off towards Rubicon to the
Blockbuster, see if I can flog some pre-own’s
Fuck they’re all closed
Whip on down to the bottle-o
see if I can swipe some pre-mixes on me way

Long stretch on Albert
Staggering hard
Struggling to cope
Need a fucking cone
Here come some cunts in the distance
Looks like they’ve had few
Cunt’s running their mouths off
Ill dust these cunts off too

Couple of blocks away now
Royal Mail in the distance
Was it 365 or 367
Fuck can’t remember
I can’t be fucked with this shit
Fuck this, hold on, this is him
That looks like his kid on the lawn
Snot running down his grubby little face
Going in the front door
Let me into ya house cunt or ill kick ya fuckin door in
Im struggling for a cone and ya kids nose is fuckin pouring
Track Name: Couple Of Cans
You’re the biggest fuckin bunga on the block
Ya fuckin punters eyes off chops
Thinking your a tank but ya really a runt
You’re a couple of cans short ya dopey cunt

You get blamed when cunts shit goes missing
It’s ingrained, mate we’ve all got suspicions

Ya flogger, always wanna take a swing
Ya fuckin cock knocker
Cunt don’t spill ya drink

Ya fuckin malnourished dejected looking cunt
Track Name: I'm A Pervert
Give us a flash
Show us ya gash
I’m a fuckin pervert

Ya in me wank bank
I’m gonna spank
I’m a sick pervert

Always got wood
Just misunderstood
I’ve always been a pervert

Got me thumb up me bum
I’m gonna cum
Lookout I’m a pervert

whats the fuckin problem?
societies wrong
just let me smoke my bong
it helps me get along
ya fuckin all wrong
ya fuckin all wrong

King of the soak
Me condom fuckin broke
Im a fuckin pervert

Stick me dick up ya gash
Give ya a fuckin rash
I’m a fuckin pervert


Watching em load
Excretion of choad
Im a fuckin pervert

Ill eat out ya rags
lick up ya dags
Im a sick pervert

Watching em dance
Ill cum in me pants
Iv always been a pervert

Stick me dick up ya gash
Give ya a rash
Im a cunt pervert
Im a fuckin perv
Track Name: Smother Ya Mums Gums
Sucking down on a couple of dirty flaps
Thats the way I fuckin like it
Firing me tonguing in her fuckin holy gaps
She’s fuckin delighted
Well I’m pretty fuckin pleased
Im fuckin ready to go
Im ready to fuckin blow a load all over her fuckin tits

You pushed me outta cunt
Wiped the shit from me arse
Put me gun on ya gums

Dirty fuckin nympho
Tonsils bruised as fuck
Rotten teeth falling out
Ya fuckin gummy old slut

I give it
You take it
I love it
You hate it

Smother ya mums gums
Track Name: Fucked Ya Mother In Calcutta
Making my way down to calcutta bay
Cos I smell some minge and I need a lay
Fuckin met ya mum and I stuck it up her bum
Couldn’t help myself fuckin too much fun

I hope its not a bother that I come around for tea
Every fuckin night while I play ya PS3
yeah Ill help ya with ya home work
yeah but let me tell ya what
better fuckin help me find ya mothers g spot

Fuckin love your mums snatch
I fit in good and tight
Thank god you were c sectioned
ruining everything else in ya mothers life

I fucked ya mother in fuckin calcutta
fuckin stuck it up her now ya got ya self a brother
And I don’t really care what ya do or fuckin say
gonna fuck ya mother yeah every fuckin day

I mean I’m better than ya dad cos I don’t give a fuck
Heres my fuckin shotgun, go and shoot something up
Piss off where ya like, I don’t care where you are
Just don’t smoke my choof and don’t touch me car

I fucked ya mother in fuckin calcutta
fuckin stuck it up her now ya got ya self a brother
And I don’t really care what ya do or fuckin say
Gonna fuck ya mother yeah every fuckin day

I fucked ya mother in fuckin calcutta
fuckin stuck it up her now ya got ya self a brother
And I don’t really care what ya do or fuckin say
Gonna fuck ya mother every fuckin day
Track Name: Povo Cunt
You and the missus are knocking out
two minute noodles for the kids

Povo cunt

Ya fuckin windcheaters from the op shop
Cunt put out ya bins

Povo cunt

Ya fuckin stricken looking westie flog

Yeah, on fuckin Monday
you go rack up some tick
Tuesday comes around
You gotta go to your job network appointment
Wednesday, you gotta head to centrelink
hand in ya fuckin form
Thursday the fuckin dole payment comes through
and then its time to go pay the debts
top up and get fuckin loose

Contraception cost money
so I got me daughter the chip
and me fuckin son’s a fuckin crackhead
but he still lets his old man take a hit

Im a povo cunt