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They fuckin kicked in the front door
And I was on me fuckin hands and knees
And I was fuckin off me fuckin tree
They didn’t give a fuckin fuck
and I didn’t give a fuckin fuck
But that didn’t worry any cunt there
Cos it wasn’t real fuckin hard to see all
the fuckin gear staring em in the face
Its fuckin all over the place

Sit on you’re hands child
Cunts like you are stock piled

Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog
Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog

I need another fuckin dollar
Im fuckin down and out
Im a blue fuckin collar
An hour without
Shelve another bickie
I moving off the whip
Stab another hippy
For the cheapness of the pip

Mate iv had a setback, iv had a relapse
Im in need of some fuckin gear
to help me with me fuckin cramp

Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog
Shut up ya dog cunt, shut up ya dog

My dealer lost his whippa
I sell me mums gear
Shelve another flippa
With a slight sense of fear
Me missus took the test
Cops are here again
She’s got a lactating breast
Looks like I gotta do another fuckin stint in the fuckin can

Fuck off cunt
Ohh, fuckin contraband
Ohh, fuckin ya mums fuckin left fist
Oohhhh, I got all sorts of fuckin stuff
shoved up me arse, but thats what ya get
thats what ya fuckin need
thats what they tell you you fuckin need
a fist in the fuckin arse
thats what it fuckin feels like every fuckin night for me
Everyones fuckin lining up
Ralph, Bob, Johnny
All to fuckin fist fuck me in the fuckin arse
Its not fuckin all bad though
Sometimes I even fuckin like it
Better than being fuckin beaten over the head
by one of them screw fuck wardens
They’re always fuckin horny
They’re fuckin in the evening or in the fuckin morning
They’ll fuckin swing by to fuckin check out your cavities
Its a fuckin travesty that they don’t do it more often
I fuckin love that, hands on me dick
Fist in the arse, its the fuckin greatest
You fuckin make heaps of friends
You’ll get to know them pretty well
You’ll get to know every fuckin smell
of what its like when ya fuckin coppin
a fist in the back of ya fuckin head
dick in your arse


from Cum From Me Gland Down Under, released August 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Good Time Aussie Bogalars Ballarat, Australia

A Non-Profit Organisation For Cunts

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